Hoppers Game

An Introduction

Hoppers Game is an idle game where players stake their Hopper NFTs in different adventures to earn $FLY. Each Hopper has five skill Attributes and a Level. Players may increase the Level of their Hopper through gameplay. Attributes are randomly assigned at minting, and can only be increased through the Rebirth mechanics.

Level and Attributes impact the amount of $FLY earned from Adventures, and access to higher tier adventures with higher $FLY rewards depends upon Attributes and Level of the Hopper.

Additionally, players may choose to stake their $FLY to generate $veFLY. Owners of $veFLY may vote on bonus emissions for adventures, and players owning Hoppers with similar attributes are encouraged to band together to increase the bonus emissions available to them. Increasing the weight of $veFLY on specific adventures increases the percentage of bonus emissions available for them.

It is very important to check the stats of the Hopper to ensure that you are taking advantage of a Hoppers' highest valued characteristics. This is because Attributes and Level impact the amount of $FLY earned from Adventures, it’s important for players to ensure they are maximizing the $FLY earning power of their Hoppers.

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